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Mysteries as a search for new realities

    1. Generous stillness lurked in the pictures of the Armenian painter Manvel Madoyan (b. 1960). From where does generous stillness flow? Why, behind the window there is a city indifferent to stillness and an extremely rational, immoral new millennium. It appears that the XXth century completely persecuted generosity from human life. The pictures in his rather spacious studio, the huge window of which looks on a noisy street, speak of the Yerevan painter’s diligence. A fine face, attentive mild look speak of Manvel’s delicacy, his frankness and ability to attract people. Might be by this fact being explained a trustful and full of trepidation image of a naked woman’s figure taken from life. At the same time there is some light restlessness in the artist’s face.

    2. Colleagues and contemporaries of a painter in Yerevan and Los Angeles, Paris or Moscow and Milan either strive unconditionally for spiritless art trends where intellectual but imaginary freedom reigns or imitate the passed way. However, there is a small group of creators whose interests are in the sphere of a new art synthesis. And here the problems of painters, actors, architects, composers and writers complicated much; for moral responsibility in culture is actually spiritually. It’s just spirituality and morals that colour philosophical and art ideals within creative work and make the painter a genuine agent of Time which should always have its signs and symbols. I’d like to see Manvel Madoyan a kind of creator whose creative fate is so interesting and teaching by the light of abovementioned since the painter is making good progress, and his creative will intuitively and simultaneously moves towards the new synthesis in painting. What’s the art of synthesis for him, what are forming vectors and self-recognition for him? These are matters which demand serious and scrupulous analysis. How can be explained that steady inner interest of an artist in respect to the world of man at the time when the whole generation of his contemporaries remain without its own face ,without a live breath, without an aspiration to be realized within the simple and eternal truth. His way in the art has a definite and important stage. The artist graduated from Academy of Art in the year 1991. The Petersburg culture grew up many outstanding Armenian painters, architects, composers, sculptors. There is only the least part of light names: I. Aivazovsky, M. Ekmalyan, A. Tamanyan, A. Ovsepyan, A. Hovhannesyan, R. Israelyan, A. Baruchev, M. Avetisyan. The museums of Petersburg, especially the great Hermitage, the great culture of communication, human brotherhood and respect for individual, intellectual live search – all of that organized and educated the young Manvel Madoyan. He like many Armenian painters just here found their first love – the great trial for creative vulnerable personality. ...

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